Little Bit More

It wasn’t fair, this bedtime spanking thing, Maura ranted to herself. The whole point of a spanking was that it wiped the slate clean, that the matter at hand could be dealt with quickly then dropped.  


John had agreed to all that in principle- but had insisted that bedtime spankings still had their place.  Maura had acquiesced, once, and largely due to the persuasion offered by his kisses. She had thought it a temporary measure. She had told herself that once he had seen how effective spanking could be that he would come fully around to her way of thinking and dispense with the bedtime nonsense.  


She was an adult after all, even if she was an adult who had requested a childish punishment. She squirmed as she remembered the first awkward conversation when she’d brought up the whole spanking thing with John.  Even years later, it was still a cringe-worthy memory. Still, at least it made a change from their constant bickering. That was all they had seemed to do those days, before the spankings.


John had quickly been convinced of their effectiveness.  Only a few days after he began, their house had become more harmonious than it had since they were married.  And it had lasted.  All it took was a stern word from John, or an occasional Serious Spanking, and their arguments had ended. They still disagreed, but Maura found herself catching her surly replies before they were uttered and instead composing more reasoned arguments. As an added bonus, sometimes she even managed to persuade John.  Sometimes. Other times, she was beginning to become more gracious when she lost, not wanting to add a sore behind into the deal as well.


John seemed to be of the opinion that she was not learning fast enough, or even perhaps relapsing a bit, becoming a touch grouchy after a few of their recent hand-to-bottom conversations. John had proposed the bedtime reminder spankings as the solution- a solutlin with which Maura thoroughly disagreed. Sure, the last time hadn’t been terrible. She’d resisted, but given that John had brought up the idea right after she’d suffered his displeasure at the chosen terms of endearment she’d hurled his way in a moment of anger, she was not inclined to push him.  


It wasn’t as bad as she had thought, and certainly nothing like the main spanking. It might have even been nice- his hands did wander afterwards, and the spanking had quickly given way to other activities that placed any disagreements far from her mind.


But it was the principle of the thing that annoyed her.  Spankings were supposed to be a slate-cleaner, not a prelude to a second round at bedtime.


And so, when John had instructed her to go to her room, prepare for bed, and wait for him, that’s just what she did.  He had explained before her first bedtime spanking that he expected to find her nude, in he corner, with her hands on her head.


He didn’t spell all that out this time, so Maura took the opportunity for a more creative interpretation. She changed into her briefest, laciest, pyjamas, put on a bit of soft music, and sat on the bed with a book until John saw fit to join her.  Surely, he could see that she was calm now and the spanking wasn’t necessary; the first round had been more than sufficient.


All the same, the butterflies in her tummy took flight as she heard his feet on the stairs.  As he opened the door, she kept her eyes firmly on her book.


“You are supposed to be in the corner. And quiet.”


Maura smiled as seductively as she could, and looked up at him. Her expression slipped when she saw the tightly contolled anger on his face. “John, dear” she started, her voice much steadier than she would have thought possible- she was learning something! “Can’t we discuss this?  Surely you can’t still think this is all necessary.  We’ve changed so much, the discipline agreement has helped.  This bit isn’t necessary.”


“Corner. Quiet.”


Maura gulped and obeyed, shucking her pyjamas as she walked to the corner. This was the tone of voice she’d come to associate with a particularly stinging burn in a certain part of her anatomy.  It wasn’t until she had reached the corner that she felt a sob bubble up from within her.  She tried to choke it back down; crying did not lead to effective arguing. Her efforts proved futle as another sob followed the first, and befoe long she was crying freely with emotion she didn’t see coming until it had overtaken her.  


She felt John’s hands on her shoulders, trying to steady and calm her.  A moment later, realising that more drastic measures were called for in this case, he turned her around, wrapped her in a hug, and carried her back to the bed. Lying beside her, John whispered softly to her as her crying continued.


“What was all that about?” he asked when Maura had quieted.


“I don’t want to do this.” Maura choked out.


“Really? But it has been working so well. I don’t want to hurt you, and won’t spank you anymore if you’re this upset about it.  I only went along with the idea since you brought it up, and though I have to say I’ve come around to the idea, I couldn’t force it on you.”


“No, no, no no, not that! Just he bedtime spankings,” Maura replied.  “It’s just not fair.”


John paused.  “What’s not fair about it?  You seemed to enjoy the experience last time, as I recall.”


Maura took a deep breath, recalling the connection they had shared.  It had been wonderful, but still. . .”It’s just not fair. A spanking is supposed to be the end of it all. A full stop.  Not just the first in a series of punishments.”


“I see,” John replied and paused to consider before continuing. “I see your point, and do agree.  However, last time when I suggested the bedtime spanking, I did so because I’d noticed that you had become a bit moodier after spankings recently. I thought that a lighter, less serious spanking at bedtime would help us reconnect.  I want it to be a reminder to behave yourself, yes, but I didn’t want it to be punishment exactly, more a way to transition from punishment back to something more positive.  Does that make sense?”


Maura wanted to disagree. She wanted to shout at him, but the tenderness in his words and embrace stopped her.  “I guess so,” she answered.


“Are you sure?  We can talk about this more. You clearly have strong feelings on the matter.”


“No, I mean, at least not tonight,” Maura continued, still feeling as though she were inches away from tears. She looked up at John and gave him a half smile.  “It’s been a rough day, and I’d rather think a bit more first.”


“Of course. I only want to go on with this if you’re ok with it. It felt too close to abuse when you first suggested it, and if you hadn’t responded so well I couldn’t have kept on with it.”  John waited for a reply, but Maura remained silent. She also remained in his arms, gently hugging him back, calm and content.  “Are you willing to go through with the bedtime spanking tonight?  I think it might help, might be something of a release for you.”


“Ok,” Maura said as she hugged him tighter, as if he could shield her from the very thing she was consenting to, the very thing he would do to her. “But can we skip the cornertime?  I feel awful standing there. It makes me miss you,“ the admission shocked her as she heard it spoken, but Maura realised it’s truth in how her chest tightened as she said the words.


“Alright, it’s ok,” John replied, rubbing Maura’s shoulders gently.   “No more cornertime, at least not before bedtime spankings- I may still use it as part of a main spanking.” Maura nodded.  “But I do want you naked.” John felt Maura tense, and tipped her chin up to look at his smile.  “It makes it easier to move on to what I have planned next. Is that acceptable to you?” Maura gave him a small smile in return and nodded.


“Ok, that settles that.  Are you ready to go over my knee?” Maura nodded again before draping herself over John’s lap. She shuddered a bit as she felt John’s hand rub her bottom, both wanting him to begin and wishing that the spanking might never come. She tried to relax over his knee, responding to what was, at least for now, a calm and gentle touch.


Relaxed or not, the first swat still drew a yelp from her lips.  John paused for more rubbing before resuming the spanking, slowly, one swat at a time, with plenty of massaging of her bottom and back in between.  


Maura continued yelping, but rather than devolving into shrieks and sobs as usually happened in her punishment spankings, instead the faded to sighs as John spanked the tension out of her. The spanks still hurt, but the pain was secondary to the connection she felt with her husband as he calmed her in the way they were both learning to be perfectly effective. Despite her initial reluctance, Maura found herself submitting to the experience- both the spanking and what followed. And, finally, cuddling against John as she peacefully drifted to sleep.

5 thoughts on “Little Bit More

  1. What a great story. I always enjoy stories where the spankee gets over the knee herself. I enjoyed that the reason for the bedtime spanking did become more clear to her and that the husband only wanted to change the spanking and I am glad he dropped the corner time requirement. Although I am of a mind that spanking has its place using the sexy pajamas too. Thanks for a great story. I am glad I found your site. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Jim and welcome! I agree-it’s the reasoning that makes the spanking.

      Glad you found the site, and hope you enjoy the rest of the stories!

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