5 thoughts on “Wasting Time

  1. She may be considering “up or down” ; tidy for Sir or falling in a curtain, to hide behind when she’s head down.
    Lovely top, btw, very conducive to some OTK communication – and a lovely bottom too. 🙂

  2. From a spanker’s point of view I would want her focusing on the spanking due so her hair would not be a priority. However maybe the lady still wants to look good regardless of how it ends up after her due spanking.

  3. “Master wants my hair worn up so my neck is fully accessible when he collars me for the auction of spankees tonight,” Celine told herself.

  4. Giles- It does seem designed for such things, doesn’t it?

    Brian- Even if she does want to look good, I doubt it would be a priority for long!

    jim- glad you enjoyed

    StevieO- Lovely 🙂

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