4 thoughts on “Just Out of Reach

  1. Not a good idea I reckon she would get a more severe caning later if she ran. Just grin and bear it I think 😃

  2. I actually like the cane in a different room. Different setting; different position. After lying across a lap on the office futon and taking the spanking-when all seems over and you can relax-the “let’s step across the hall” gets the adrenaline pumping again. There you know you’ll be lying on the bed biting on a pillow while…

  3. I really enjoy the position and the caption with this photo I enjoy otk the best and I really enjoyed this picture. Thanks for all your great stories and photo finds. We really enjoy them. Have a great day.

  4. Brian- not if she’s quick enough!

    HotBottoms- I can get behind that- nice to have a change of setting to correspond to a change of mindset. . .or to allow an opportunity to escape!

    Jim- Thanks 🙂 Always nice to hear these are more than just filler material 🙂

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