6 thoughts on “The Burning Question

    1. In that case, it’s just another incident of a man not bothering to use the right tool for the job. Or perhaps he simply needs to become better acquainted with the proper use of an iron?

  1. The young lady is obviously not mindful of her circumstances. Reaching across a wobbly ironing board is a good way to take a tumble. And with a hot and heavy iron poised to come tumbling after. All for what? A fallen undergarment?

    A caring gentleman would rush to her side, secure the iron in his left and press upon her the carelessness of her situation with his right.

    1. By gently helping her back up and offering to assist with the rest of the chore as she recovers from her trauma, right?

      1. I must remember when problems need to be dealt with that the tool is the right one to make sure the lesson is really learned. As for the ironing she can do that while recovering from her spanking. She won’t feel like sitting anyway.😃

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