9 thoughts on “Group Work

  1. This is a good school. When I was in school, punishment for a misbehaving student, even a spanking would disrupt the class as it was a somewhat special event. Obviously, at this school, a student being show the error of her ways is not permitted to interfere with the other students’ studies. Even to the point that the other students are not permitted to surrender to the distraction.

  2. Brian- Does she get to share that review? It’s she that’s glowing, anyway.

    Nikolai- All part of a well-rounded education šŸ™‚

  3. The source reminds me of the birthday card I gave my girlfriend; it read “Just because I’m a gentleman doesn’t mean I won’t spank you.”

    1. Very fitting! Though I’ve met several who seem to have modified that philosophy to something more like “Because Iā€™m a gentleman I will spank you hard and often.”

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