Spanking Week


Though I’m sitting at home for longer than I ever had in one go, I am at least sitting comfortably. I’ve not gone this long without being spanked since I first got involved with the Irish scene. Even in the early days, a month seemed an awfully long time to wait between events and encounters. Hard to believe that it’s been more than twice that long since my last roasting- though considering the events leading up to isolation, an extended break was probably warranted!




I had thought, given that we were all due to attend a spanking party (my very first!) the next day, that Friday evening would be relatively subdued- a chance to get settled in our house for the weekend, get to know each other and get some rest to make the most of the next day. However, a house filled with spankos is never going to be a house at rest. Despite knowing we were heading into a full six hours of spanking the next day, Friday night still involved plenty of mischief and vigorous bedtime spankings. 




Six hours of spanking sounds like quite a lot- and probably is quite a lot- but it passed in a blur and all too quickly. The kid-in-candy-store feeling tends to do that. Judging by my welts, I made very good use of the time indeed!  Not to mention the after party. . .




A toppy friend and I booked an extra day on our trip to allow us to come back to reality after the party- though these efforts were somewhat foiled by having an epic spanking session when we got back to our hotel room that night.  



The best thing about staying in a proper hotel is the late checkout. We made good use of the time, and, judging by how thoroughly the room across the way was cleaned, gave the chambermaid a bit of entertainment before leaving. 




I brought my bruised bottom back home, but also invited Sir Sadist  to stay a few days while he was in the area for work. For once, I’m more than happy to indulge in any sort of kink other than spanking. Sir is very willing to oblige, arriving with a singletail and bag full of nettles. Either I’ve truly changed, have lost my mind, or, most likely, had quite the endorphin rush going as the singletail felt amazing. Nettles, on the other hand, will always be a mixed (and lasting) blessing. 




Frustrating day- although Sir and I both spent most of it working from my apartment, working does not exactly lend itself to enjoyment of our particular dynamic. Unfortunately, due to the strain, foolish words are said (and wise words left unsaid) by both of us. Fortunately, a couple hours’ drive to and from a munch gave us ample and proper alone time to recognise what went wrong. Any lingering tensions were easy enough to resolve through spanking when we got home- though neither of us seemed to care much that it was a one-sided consequence. 




I had thought I was finished, as Sir needed to leave quite early. I should have known better by then than to assume any portion of a day spent with a toppy type might result in an unspanked behind. It *might* have worked though- my only task was to wake at his alarm, make coffee, and deliver it to him in bed- after which I was free to resume dozing. 


However, tired Kia is prone to mishaps, and that morning’s mishap involved the unauthorised addition of milk to Sir’s coffee- which in turn resulted in a belted bare bottom. 


Tired Kia is never happy about being spanked, but looking back, quarantined Kia is quite happy to have a final fond memory to punctuate the last week of kink before the world shut down!


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