Paddles and Punishment


As a part of American culture, the paddle featured early in my fantasies despite my lack of relevant experience. Even the dictionary entry provided plenty of fuel for my imagination.

Part of the appeal was – and is – the element of distance and impersonalisation, with paddling being far less intimate than handspanking. The scholastic connotations were also a big factor for me, particularly the formality and rituals surrounding punishment. While on-the-spot punishments have a certain appeal, the multiple steps and waiting for the appropriate disciplinarian, witness, and/or permission extend the experience and increase anticipation/anxiety. As a paddling is necessarily brief, these elements help make the experience more involved and memorable.

And, of course, the associated paperwork adds meaning and power on another level (and not just for feeding my paperwork fetish). Aside from the immediate impact of the punishment, knowing that it is being recorded permanently brings further shame- not to mention the notes home about the punishment. . . and the accompanying implicit assumption of further reinforcement.

On a personal level, the sensation of the paddle is one I’ve never been able to process as enjoyable. Looking back, every real punishment spanking I’ve received (and even many of the more serious funishment spankings) has involved a paddle. I even once stopped a punishment with a strap since, intense as it was, the sensation was too easy to process as pleasure in the moment. Despite the bit of topping from the bottom, the experience definitely felt like a punishment to the both of us after that. I’m not sure if the inclusion of a paddle is a necessity for me to process an experience as a punishment, but it definitely helps.

Another early and still favourite element of my attraction is the idea of the paddle being hung on display- either in the classroom or at home. I’ve often heard this referred to as a constant threat, but it’s never felt that way to me. To my mind, it’s a symbol of authority and a reminder to behave. Especially now when physical authority is necessarily distant, I’m excited to have a symbolic reminder to hand- it may even work!

Many thanks to Sir Suasive . . . at least while we’re physically distancing!

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