Book of the Month: The Alien’s Little Girl by Rose St. Andrews

I enjoy vanilla science fiction novels, but it's been a while since I've read a spanking-centred one.  The Alien's Little Girl by Rose St. Andrews was a delightful read. While this novel is set in an alien world in the distant future, the futuristic elements take something a backseat here, serving mostly to establish a … Continue reading Book of the Month: The Alien’s Little Girl by Rose St. Andrews

Leading and Learning: Reluctance and Discipline

From the Sarah Saga Sarah woke in a sweat from a disjointed dream in which shadowy figures stared down menacingly, various acquaintances giving her intense looks of disappointment, and of a certain hairbrush. . . Sarah rolled over and reached for the glass of water on the bedside locker, its contents warmed to room temperature … Continue reading Leading and Learning: Reluctance and Discipline

The Importance of Discipline

The below was initially written for a school role play scene. For some reason, teacher was less than impressed. A well-meaning classmate suggested that I may have better success here- what do you think?   The Importance of Discipline in a Student’s Life   Being a student is stressful.  A student must continually juggle the … Continue reading The Importance of Discipline

The Disciplinarian’s Wife

Sasha smirked at the shrieks that filtered down to her from her husband’s study. Even two floors away, she could usually hear Tammy’s distress as Hector meted out her punishment; while none of the girls were exactly stoic during their visits, Tammy had a tendency to carry on more than most.  Lily was so quiet … Continue reading The Disciplinarian’s Wife

Book of the Month: Journey to Love by Susan Thomas

It seems I'm repeating authors already, but Sue deserves another mention for this one. Journey to Love is as captivating as any of Sue's fiction, and plays into her well-developed and truly enjoyable theme of a young British woman who chooses to enter an intimate, rural American community with a strong local tradition of loving … Continue reading Book of the Month: Journey to Love by Susan Thomas

Long-Distance Discipline

Long-distance relationships rarely sound like a good idea. However, when the alternative involves searching, waiting, and a fair bit of loneliness, are they worth considering? On the vanilla friendship side of things, I have plenty of experience with long-distance relationships. I have long-distance friendships with my parents, my sister, friends from school, and former co-workers. … Continue reading Long-Distance Discipline