A Simple Slippering

“Gyugh!” Kirstin shrieked, headless of the late night hour and the reverberating echo that followed her outburst as she instinctively squished the spider under the sole of her slipper. She stood, panting in recovery, for a moment before collecting a bit of tissue to address the small mess she had created. Kristen, in by and … Continue reading A Simple Slippering

Much to Learn: Square Meal

Sarah and Mark's story began here With thanks to Paolo of Wholebean and I “Gah!” Sarah cried out and stuck her singed fingertips in her mouth. She cursed her clumsiness as she hopped back and forth, trying to soothe the burn and return the wayward onion bits to the pan. She thought back to one of … Continue reading Much to Learn: Square Meal

Much to Learn: Second Initiation

With thanks to Paolo of Wholebean and I Sarah and Mark's Story began here “Feck it,” Saah cursed as she undid her tie before attempting the knot for the seventeenth time. “I know how to do this,” she reassured herself. And she did; she had prided herself on mastering this decidedly masculine skill. She had not, … Continue reading Much to Learn: Second Initiation