LSF Publications have selected another of my shorts for publication- this time in the Pop! series, featuring M/F paddling tales. Initiation was my first foray into the fraternity/sorority genre, a genre which I feel is much in need of a more realistic take on student life- something I hoped to address with this story.  I still … Continue reading Pop!

Book of the Month: Stacy Goes to College

As some of you have likely guessed from the lack of regular posts, June is flying by for me. More than half way through the month, I've finally chosen a book- Stacy goes to College by Frank Martinet (who some may know as Flogmaster). His stories were among the first I read after stumbling on … Continue reading Book of the Month: Stacy Goes to College

Distance Learning: Reflection

Co-Authored with Joost of Bad Girls Need Good Spankings Sarah and David's story began here Almost immediately upon her semi-self-imposed exile to the corner, Sarah noticed the cobwebs and let out a sigh of exasperation. She’d just cleaned a few days ago, how did they come back so quickly? Sarah shivered a bit at the … Continue reading Distance Learning: Reflection

In the Beginning

In the beginning there was darkness. Then a voice, clear, calm, and carefully controlled in its masculine authority said, “Let there be light.” And there was light, as if mustered into existence by the sheer power of his words, but actually due in large part to an antiquated but still functional voice recognition system.   … Continue reading In the Beginning