Non-Fiction Book of the Month: Playing Well with Others

In my ongoing survey of BDSM non-fiction, Playing Well with Others has by far impressed me the most. Everything about the book- from the content to the typeface to the organisation - I found very satisfying. There are a few questions I like to ask when reading introductions to BDSM that try to appeal to … Continue reading Non-Fiction Book of the Month: Playing Well with Others

Chateau Corrupto

Originally written as an assignment for a geography class- an essay on “My Favourite Place in Ireland”. Teacher, for some reason, was not impressed. *** For me, the best part of Ireland, apart from the pubs, is the castles. It can be difficult to choose a favourite among the quiet isolation of Dunamaise, the imposing … Continue reading Chateau Corrupto

Opportunities to Shine

I’ve found that involvement in the local spanking community has been very beneficial. I am more confident, more relaxed, and, perhaps most important, have more opportunities to be creative.  For example, when a teacher (and I use this term very loosely indeed) asks me to “Name the ten commandments,” and I see this as a … Continue reading Opportunities to Shine

Independence, Revisted

“It’s just that I don’t think in terms of expecting anything from anyone.” -Seregil of Rhiminee* (I got a few worried messages the last time I visited this subject. Everything is fine- I'll try to explain again.) Learning to trust is hard. Particularly for the little things The big things are easy- for all those … Continue reading Independence, Revisted