Memories of Sorority Hazing

A while back, commenter Tony offered to share a few memories of real-life spanking in sororities in the 1960’s. As Tony says, “Hazing was allowed and practiced back then.” While we are reliant on word of mouth for precise details, the results of some of these practices were visible to those close to the victims, … Continue reading Memories of Sorority Hazing

Much to Learn: Second Initiation

With thanks to Paolo of Wholebean and I Sarah and Mark's Story began here “Feck it,” Saah cursed as she undid her tie before attempting the knot for the seventeenth time. “I know how to do this,” she reassured herself. And she did; she had prided herself on mastering this decidedly masculine skill. She had not, … Continue reading Much to Learn: Second Initiation

Window Shopping

It was the umbrellas that drew her attention. Big, beautiful, colourful umbrellas artfully arranged in the corner window. From across the street, it looked as though someone had frozen a rainbow and set it on display. Even through the scaffolding it was brilliant, drawing her closer. As Leah walked along the window, she marvelled at … Continue reading Window Shopping