Intensive Coursework: Early Bedtime

Sarah and Stephen’s story began here   Why was roleplay with Stephen so difficult to take seriously?  It had seemed like an excellent way to experience a punishment without things getting too personal.  It had worked before, with Mark, why was it suddenly so difficult to get her mind into the game?   Sarah looked up … Continue reading Intensive Coursework: Early Bedtime

Oddities and Experimentation

“I find you intriguing; you’re the only person I’ve met who doesn’t respond to intimate touch.”     I was a bit taken aback.   I thought I liked intimate touch. Hugs are wonderful, cuddling is incredibly comforting. Kissing though, that’s a bit sloppy and something I’d rather avoid. And I’d not like you fiddling with … Continue reading Oddities and Experimentation

Intensive Coursework: Afternoon Delight

Sarah and Stephen’s story began here    Sarah tried not to feel silly, tied to door. Even with the curtains pulled, the bright afternoon sunlight lent a cheery air to the sitting room, an atmosphere she’d tried to cultivate in her home but one which didn’t exactly help her enter a submissive frame of mind. … Continue reading Intensive Coursework: Afternoon Delight