Intensive Coursework: Early Bedtime

Sarah and Stephen’s story began here   Why was roleplay with Stephen so difficult to take seriously?  It had seemed like an excellent way to experience a punishment without things getting too personal.  It had worked before, with Mark, why was it suddenly so difficult to get her mind into the game?   Sarah looked up … Continue reading Intensive Coursework: Early Bedtime

Oddities and Experimentation

“I find you intriguing; you’re the only person I’ve met who doesn’t respond to intimate touch.”     I was a bit taken aback.   I thought I liked intimate touch. Hugs are wonderful, cuddling is incredibly comforting. Kissing though, that’s a bit sloppy and something I’d rather avoid. And I’d not like you fiddling with … Continue reading Oddities and Experimentation

Intensive Coursework: Afternoon Delight

Sarah and Stephen’s story began here    Sarah tried not to feel silly, tied to door. Even with the curtains pulled, the bright afternoon sunlight lent a cheery air to the sitting room, an atmosphere she’d tried to cultivate in her home but one which didn’t exactly help her enter a submissive frame of mind. … Continue reading Intensive Coursework: Afternoon Delight

Book of the Month: Elizabeth’s Flight

    Between The Reluctant Bride and this new novella Susan has demonstrated quite the talent for well-crafted western romances. As with all of her books, there are plenty of spankings,and plenty of twists to keep the story moving along. While the plot is a touch fanciful, the central characters are each very well-rounded and believable. … Continue reading Book of the Month: Elizabeth’s Flight

The Sarah Saga

One of my goals when I started blogging was to present a balanced, realistic view of what it is like entering into the world of spanking from the viewpoint of an inexperienced spankee.  While the “thoughts on submission” entries relate my own thoughts and experiences, I’ve also enjoyed creating a fictional character “Sarah” who is … Continue reading The Sarah Saga