The Sarah Saga

One of my goals when I started blogging was to present a balanced, realistic view of what it is like entering into the world of spanking from the viewpoint of an inexperienced spankee.  While the “thoughts on submission” entries relate my own thoughts and experiences, I’ve also enjoyed creating a fictional character “Sarah” who is on a similar journey.  Her story is here in several parts, and this page will be updated as each chapter is published.

Each chapter may be read as a stand-alone story, but they are intended to be read in the following order.  Note that the first section of the title is used to indicate major story arcs. 

Also, I am proud to say that the “Much to Learn” story arc has been accepted by LSF for publication, and is available as an ebook here.

Much To Learn: The Taste of Him

Much To Learn: Tried as an Adult

Much To Learn: Best Laid Plans

Much To Learn: Brave New World

Much To Learn: Second Initiation

Much To Learn: A Night to Remember

Much To Learn: By Light of Day

Much To Learn: A Walk in the Park

Much To Learn: Side Note

Much To Learn: Housewarming

Much To Learn: Back to School

Much To Learn: Square Meal

Much To Learn: The Middle

Much to Learn: Epilogue

Distance Learning: Solitary Confinement

Distance Learning: Halloween Detention

Distance Learning: Reflection

Distance Learning: Clearing the Cobwebs

Distance Learning: Matriculation

Intensive Coursework: Too Much, Too Soon

Intensive Coursework: Bananas in Pyjamas

Intensive Coursework: Afternoon Delight

Intensive Coursework: Early Bedtime

Softly, Softly

Diving Deeper

Discipline from Strangers

Intensive Coursework: Trial by Fire

Intensive Coursework: Aftermath


In Uniform

Leading and Learning: In Unexpected Places

Leading and Learning: Hide and Seek

Leading and Learning: Closer to the Edge

Strangers No More

Leading and Learning: First Punishment

Leading and Learning: Reluctance and Discipline