Defensive Bratting

“There’s quite a change in her attitude when you’re around, I’m a bit disappointed that you haven’t noticed.”   “How so?” I ask, stepping right past the paradoxical expectation of having noticed a change from something I couldn’t have observed.   “She becomes less submissive. More bratty.  I think it may be because she’s nervous.” … Continue reading Defensive Bratting

Glittery Greetings and Gifts of Trust

I fell back into my Christmas card-sending habit this year. (Or perhaps it might be more accurate to say the habit fell back onto me, as the unsent cards came tumbling down in a glittery mess from the closet top shelf during a recent attempt at cleaning). A lot can change in a year. Based … Continue reading Glittery Greetings and Gifts of Trust

30 Days of Submission – Final Reflecion

So- how was it for you? After my first experience with this exercise, I asked myself the following questions:   How did this exercise go? Any regrets? Is this helpful? Are you learning? Looking back, do you see any trends?   At the time, I kept the responses private, but I am posting them here … Continue reading 30 Days of Submission – Final Reflecion