Birthday Spanking

Carly hated birthdays. There was nothing special about birthdays, if anything it was just a milestone in the relentless race against time. A race that she, and everyone else, was inevitably losing. Sure, birthdays were fun when she was little- when getting older felt like conquering the years. The parties were always carefully organised by … Continue reading Birthday Spanking

Long-Distance Discipline

Long-distance relationships rarely sound like a good idea. However, when the alternative involves searching, waiting, and a fair bit of loneliness, are they worth considering? On the vanilla friendship side of things, I have plenty of experience with long-distance relationships. I have long-distance friendships with my parents, my sister, friends from school, and former co-workers. … Continue reading Long-Distance Discipline

Losing It- His Perspective

Her perspective can be found here He watched her from across the table, her small, trembling hands picking the drink up over and over, taking the smallest of sips before carefully setting it back down. There was purpose in everything she did, he realised, even the placement of the glass. Each time she set it … Continue reading Losing It- His Perspective


Why did “humiliation” become a bad word? “Humility” has connotations of virtue, whereas as “humiliation” is more like “degrading” (I suppose “degradation” would be the more accurate word to compare it to grammatically. However, as a scientist, that one has chemical connotations that I can’t get over, so you’ll need to excuse the grammar today). … Continue reading Humiliation