Leading and Learning: Closer to the Edge

From the Sarah Saga Sarah came home to find Brian seated on the sofa, already in spanking position.     “You think you’re clever do you?” he asked, hefting the copy book she had left for him. His half-smirk told her that, despite his words, he appreciated the humour in her essay.  After all the … Continue reading Leading and Learning: Closer to the Edge

Opportunities to Shine

I’ve found that involvement in the local spanking community has been very beneficial. I am more confident, more relaxed, and, perhaps most important, have more opportunities to be creative.  For example, when a teacher (and I use this term very loosely indeed) asks me to “Name the ten commandments,” and I see this as a … Continue reading Opportunities to Shine


I remember reading somewhere that most blogs tend to go inactive within three years.  Glad to have beaten those odds, though progress has been shaky at times.   That said, this last year has been particularly special.  I’ve thrown myself into the local scene, and am having a blast- and plenty of spankings.  As this … Continue reading 3

Leading and Learning: Hide and Seek

From the Sarah Saga The next morning, Sarah awoke to a quiet shuffling sound. She rolled over, the neighbours must be at again. . .   The shuffling repeated again, accompanied by the closing of a door. Brian! She awoke with  a start. She had nearly forgotten her guest in her sleepiness.  It was odd … Continue reading Leading and Learning: Hide and Seek

CLASS Ireland

Mission Statement CLASS Ireland, the Continued Learning Academy for Submissives and Switches,  is a school which strives to provide a well-ordered, caring, happy and secure learning environment, where the intellectual, moral and disciplinary needs of our pupils are identified and addressed. We seek to create an environment where students are given the attention they need to … Continue reading CLASS Ireland