Leading and Learning: First Punishment

From the Sarah Saga “Bring me the brush.”   Sarah took a deep breath before complying. It was time. After nearly three weeks of discussion, negotiation, confession, apology, scolding, it was time for the punishment.      There had been scolding this morning as well, in-person scolding, and though it had reminded her of precisely … Continue reading Leading and Learning: First Punishment

Distance Learning: Clearing the Cobwebs

Sarah and David's story began here The cobwebs had taken over. Sarah could hardly be described as impeccably tidy, but she did have standards of cleanliness that crept up every once in a while and spurred on a bout of cleaning that left her home habitable. Looking around her sitting room, she knew that one … Continue reading Distance Learning: Clearing the Cobwebs

Much to Learn: Square Meal

Sarah and Mark's story began here With thanks to Paolo of Wholebean and I “Gah!” Sarah cried out and stuck her singed fingertips in her mouth. She cursed her clumsiness as she hopped back and forth, trying to soothe the burn and return the wayward onion bits to the pan. She thought back to one of … Continue reading Much to Learn: Square Meal

The Experiment

*** Inspired by Don Croyle’s “Research Proposal” available at LSF *** “Kim! Thank goodness you’re back, I was just about to come looking for you. Didn’t you get my text?” a worried Jess asked as her roommate casually flopped down on her bed. “Oh, that, I’ve already taken care of it.” Kim replied nonchalantly, tossing … Continue reading The Experiment