Distance Learning: Halloween Detention

Co-Authored with Joost of Bad Girls Need Good Spankings Sarah and David's story began here Sarah looked over the items assembled on the table before her: one notebook, one spatula, six coloured pencils, one pencil sharpener, one tape measure, one plastic ghost, one real jack-o-lantern, and an array of candles. Everything a girl needs for … Continue reading Distance Learning: Halloween Detention

Hiding in Plain Sight

I made my first tacky Christmas jumper this year, having finally given into the local tradition (and looking for an excuse to buy a glue gun).  I was quite proud of it- bells and baubles and lights and everything. I  also made it from what had been my "school uniform" jumper, purchased specifically for our … Continue reading Hiding in Plain Sight

Old West Photostory, Part 2: How Not to Take a Scolding

    A continuation of the photostory submitted by Michael, which began here. I particularly loved this sequence- it captures a sequence of emotion I wish I wasn't quite so well-acquainted with.  The blissful cheer of thinking one has gotten away with a good deal of fun, the denial as this wonderful feeling is crushed, the … Continue reading Old West Photostory, Part 2: How Not to Take a Scolding