Distance Learning: Halloween Detention

Co-Authored with Joost of Bad Girls Need Good Spankings Sarah and David's story began here Sarah looked over the items assembled on the table before her: one notebook, one spatula, six coloured pencils, one pencil sharpener, one tape measure, one plastic ghost, one real jack-o-lantern, and an array of candles. Everything a girl needs for … Continue reading Distance Learning: Halloween Detention

Hiding in Plain Sight

I made my first tacky Christmas jumper this year, having finally given into the local tradition (and looking for an excuse to buy a glue gun).  I was quite proud of it- bells and baubles and lights and everything. I  also made it from what had been my "school uniform" jumper, purchased specifically for our … Continue reading Hiding in Plain Sight

Festive Festering

Valerie tossed a tangle of tinsel into the fire and cackled madly at the unnatural green flames that engulfed the ball of frustration. A decent depiction of her state of mind, she thought, as she turned her attention back to the tree.  For a first attempt, and objective account might describe it as “not bad.” … Continue reading Festive Festering

Ready for Teddy

The mantle clock told him that she had been waiting nearly half an hour. It chimed merrily despite the late hour, or perhaps “clanged” would have been a more appropriate description.  Some of his earliest memories featured the clock’s deep, methodical tocking in the background. The tocking had only grown louder over the years, and … Continue reading Ready for Teddy

Distance Learning: Solitary Confinement

Co-authored with Joost of Bad Girls Need Good Spankings Sarah's story began here Sarah lit the candles and snapped a quick picture to send to David before settling down to her laptop.  She hoped her disciplinarian would appreciate her efforts to create an atmosphere conducive to the detention he had set.  The spoon was prominently … Continue reading Distance Learning: Solitary Confinement