For the rest of us, the process is considerably more chaotic, and sometimes considerably unenjoyable. “Limit” sounds like such a simple word- something that one knows one won’t enjoy, and therefore won’t do. Once such obstacles identified and labelled as such, things run smoothly as traffic finds its way around them. It’s the days where … Continue reading Limits

A Simple Slippering

“Gyugh!” Kirstin shrieked, headless of the late night hour and the reverberating echo that followed her outburst as she instinctively squished the spider under the sole of her slipper. She stood, panting in recovery, for a moment before collecting a bit of tissue to address the small mess she had created. Kristen, in by and … Continue reading A Simple Slippering

Long-Distance Discipline – Update

A while back, I indicated that I was about to embark on an experiment with long-distance discipline. I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised (and, at times, pleasantly sore) so far. As I’d seen before, any sort of regular contact with like-minded people is rewarding in itself in most cases. This is … Continue reading Long-Distance Discipline – Update