Intensive Coursework: Trial by Fire

Sarah and Stephen’s story began here    Sarah twisted awkwardly to gaze at her bottom, though it was a futile exercise- both because she was no contortionist and because the subtle twinge she felt as she squeezed her cheeks told her enough about its condition.  She was in no right state for spanking today. Under … Continue reading Intensive Coursework: Trial by Fire

Discretion and the Internet

I remember hearing online advertising described as the art of walking the line between anticipating customers desires and freaking them out. I’ve come to terms with the fact that certain corporations will know what I am. Google and WordPress, certainly, have more than enough information about Kia to know what sort of things she spends … Continue reading Discretion and the Internet

Book of the Month: Letter to a Future Domina

  Taking a foray into F/M this month with Letter to a Future Domina, a concise and beautiful account from Godessa Victoria Black.  This was a quick read that I felt captured very well the mental transition a previously vanilla partner may undergo when confronted with their beloved's desire for domination. From the publisher: When … Continue reading Book of the Month: Letter to a Future Domina