Appearance and Acceptance

“Does my hair look alright?” I asked as I tied it up- tied it not quite hastily, but not with the usual token attempt at care. You raised an eyebrow, a moment of incredulity that quickly devolved into outright laughter. “Does your hair look alright?” you asked, grinning widely. “I’ve just seen you nearly naked, … Continue reading Appearance and Acceptance

Long Distance Discipline: Reflections

Previous posts in this series As part of a new year stock-taking exercise, my mentor has encouraged (rather strongly) me to reflect on our arrangement. The results of this exercise are provided below for those of you who have been following this adventure. I confess that my expectations for online discipline were extremely low. The … Continue reading Long Distance Discipline: Reflections

Long-Distance Discipline – Update

A while back, I indicated that I was about to embark on an experiment with long-distance discipline. I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised (and, at times, pleasantly sore) so far. As I’d seen before, any sort of regular contact with like-minded people is rewarding in itself in most cases. This is … Continue reading Long-Distance Discipline – Update

Independence, Revisted

“It’s just that I don’t think in terms of expecting anything from anyone.” -Seregil of Rhiminee* (I got a few worried messages the last time I visited this subject. Everything is fine- I'll try to explain again.) Learning to trust is hard. Particularly for the little things The big things are easy- for all those … Continue reading Independence, Revisted