Terrible Twos

Acknowledging Imperfection turns two years old today! The patient among you who have been following along have likely noticed that the fits and moods associated with children that age seems to have been started. Posting regularly hasn’t happened as planned lately, and I’m using this milestone as an opportunity to return with renewed dedication to … Continue reading Terrible Twos

Distance Learning: Matriculation

Sarah and David's story began here Sunday night, yet again. They seemed to come more quickly in summer. Sarah remembered when she had looked forward to her Sunday night ritual, when the weeks had stretched long and Sunday seemed to never come. Now they came all too frequently. Sarah composed her weekly report, mentally ticking … Continue reading Distance Learning: Matriculation

Book of the Month: Stacy Goes to College

As some of you have likely guessed from the lack of regular posts, June is flying by for me. More than half way through the month, I've finally chosen a book- Stacy goes to College by Frank Martinet (who some may know as Flogmaster). His stories were among the first I read after stumbling on … Continue reading Book of the Month: Stacy Goes to College

Intensive Coursework: Bananas in Pyjamas

Sarah and Stephen's story began here Sarah swirled the wine around in her glass thoughtfully as she recovered her senses. The wine itself was a comfort, not for the alcohol or simple pleasure of drinking, but simply that he had brought it as he had promised. She had stocked up as well, a frantic last-minute … Continue reading Intensive Coursework: Bananas in Pyjamas