Much to Learn: Housewarming

With thanks to Paolo of Wholebean and I Sarah and Mark's Story began here Sarah stood over the remains of the clothes airer, in shock at what had just transpired. It was like a scene from a bad horror movie, or perhaps a video game. She had been cleaning, no- waging battle on, the apartment for the … Continue reading Much to Learn: Housewarming

Finding Home

Her thoughts weren’t toiled or roiling, nothing as violent as that. Just gently lapping waves, unrelenting in their movement and somehow completely incapacitating. Her laptop screen remained blank before her, finally giving into the black darkness of electronic hibernation as her mind floated along with the music, each track dredging up new old memories from … Continue reading Finding Home

The Apprentice: Graduate Work, Part 1

Kyria's story began here Kyria woke early the next morning. She mentally surveyed herself before she rose, surprised that she felt no different from the day before, other than the aching throb in her bottom, of course. But she was an apprentice now- the position she had sought for so many years was now hers. … Continue reading The Apprentice: Graduate Work, Part 1

The Evils of Pornography

Note: to some, the material to which I refer would be better described as “erotic literature.” However, as the line between the two is hazy at best, “pornography” is the term of choice for this particular rant as its connotation better suits my self-declared strop of a mood. Pornography can be a wonderful thing. Enjoyed … Continue reading The Evils of Pornography