Paddles and Punishment

  As a part of American culture, the paddle featured early in my fantasies despite my lack of relevant experience. Even the dictionary entry provided plenty of fuel for my imagination. Part of the appeal was - and is - the element of distance and impersonalisation, with paddling being far less intimate than handspanking. The … Continue reading Paddles and Punishment

Sunday School and Structure

Just finished my first Sunday School session with Miss Tearoha, and already looking forward to next weekend.  I wasn't sure how school role play would translate to video chat- the line between mischief and disruption being rather different than in person, not to mention the lack of spanking. But just as a blindfold sharpens other … Continue reading Sunday School and Structure

Non-Fiction Book of the Month: The Ethical Slut

I don't remember choosing polyamory. Somewhere along my search for a disciplinarian, I got pleasantly distracted, and found that I had several people in my life who, while not life-partners, were more than just friends. Mostly, this was lovely and fluid and happy. But, as things do when people are involved, eventually things got complicated. … Continue reading Non-Fiction Book of the Month: The Ethical Slut