Non-Fiction Book of the Month: The Ethical Slut

I don't remember choosing polyamory. Somewhere along my search for a disciplinarian, I got pleasantly distracted, and found that I had several people in my life who, while not life-partners, were more than just friends. Mostly, this was lovely and fluid and happy. But, as things do when people are involved, eventually things got complicated. … Continue reading Non-Fiction Book of the Month: The Ethical Slut

Defensive Bratting

“There’s quite a change in her attitude when you’re around, I’m a bit disappointed that you haven’t noticed.”   “How so?” I ask, stepping right past the paradoxical expectation of having noticed a change from something I couldn’t have observed.   “She becomes less submissive. More bratty.  I think it may be because she’s nervous.” … Continue reading Defensive Bratting