Intensive Coursework: Trial by Fire

Sarah and Stephen’s story began here    Sarah twisted awkwardly to gaze at her bottom, though it was a futile exercise- both because she was no contortionist and because the subtle twinge she felt as she squeezed her cheeks told her enough about its condition.  She was in no right state for spanking today. Under … Continue reading Intensive Coursework: Trial by Fire

Intensive Coursework: Aftermath

Sarah and Steven's story began here   The hand towel lay folded over the bar.  Sarah ran the fabric through her damp fingers, relishing in the plushness of the doubled thickness as she dried her hands.  For an object she touched daily, it felt almost foreign like this.  She never left it folded; it wouldn’t … Continue reading Intensive Coursework: Aftermath

Festive Festering

Valerie tossed a tangle of tinsel into the fire and cackled madly at the unnatural green flames that engulfed the ball of frustration. A decent depiction of her state of mind, she thought, as she turned her attention back to the tree.  For a first attempt, and objective account might describe it as “not bad.” … Continue reading Festive Festering