Festive Festering

Valerie tossed a tangle of tinsel into the fire and cackled madly at the unnatural green flames that engulfed the ball of frustration. A decent depiction of her state of mind, she thought, as she turned her attention back to the tree.  For a first attempt, and objective account might describe it as “not bad.” … Continue reading Festive Festering

Ready for Teddy

The mantle clock told him that she had been waiting nearly half an hour. It chimed merrily despite the late hour, or perhaps “clanged” would have been a more appropriate description.  Some of his earliest memories featured the clock’s deep, methodical tocking in the background. The tocking had only grown louder over the years, and … Continue reading Ready for Teddy

Much to Learn: A Walk in the Park

With thanks to Paolo of Wholebean and I Sarah and Mark's Story began here Sarah snuggled closer to Mark on the couch, all too aware that the minutes were ticking away, the hour when he would need to return her to the real world drawing ever closer. She leaned into him, a gesture that both let … Continue reading Much to Learn: A Walk in the Park

The House at the End of the Street

Meg almost walked past the house, as she had done so many times before, but this trip was different. She paused outside the rusted gate, peering through the bars at the once majestic house set on the unkept lawn. The property must have been beautiful under a previous owner, but she could never recall a … Continue reading The House at the End of the Street