Intensive Coursework: Too Much, Too Soon

Sarah's story began here   Sarah sank back into the sofa and marvelled at the transformation her apartment had undergone. Scarcely two days ago the floor had been all but buried and her current perch had been obscured by an imposing double mattress.  Now, the bed had been reassembled, the sawdust and stray screws rounded … Continue reading Intensive Coursework: Too Much, Too Soon

Hiding in Plain Sight

I made my first tacky Christmas jumper this year, having finally given into the local tradition (and looking for an excuse to buy a glue gun).  I was quite proud of it- bells and baubles and lights and everything. I  also made it from what had been my "school uniform" jumper, purchased specifically for our … Continue reading Hiding in Plain Sight

Dormant Defiance

Katie’s footsteps echoed down the empty corridor as she approached Mr. Spencer’s room. Aside from the few stray pencils and scraps of paper that seemed to accumulate every day the wing was deserted. Thank goodness, she thought. It was silly, she tried to convince herself, her whole history class had heard him order her to … Continue reading Dormant Defiance

Review: Spanking the Secretary’s Bottom

One misses a lot while away, and I am only just starting to catch up. It seems that Susan Thomas (who should be very familiar to anyone reading comments here) has a new book out. As with all of her stories, I read it at the first opportunity I had, and devoured the whole thing … Continue reading Review: Spanking the Secretary’s Bottom