The Dress

A friend recently convinced me to buy a dress. I am not a dress girl. I cannot wear dresses at work- they don’t fit my profession. I wear skirts outside of work, but not dresses. It wasn’t a conscious decision, but that’s how it shook out. But I’ve decided (with friendship, guidance, understanding, and quite a bit of nudging) that it might be worth trying to change that to more fully explore my feminine side. It is and will be uncomfortable. And that will be ok- this stretching of myself. Pushing boundaries is a part of growth.

So too it is with my submission- admitting the need for guidance is not comfortable. But comfort is less important once trust is involved. Trust that although I may not see where this will end up, I am still willing to try.

I’m just not the kind of girl who can wear a dress to a bar. But I’d like to be. (Granted, I’ll still have a pint rather than a cocktail, even though it may ruin the image somewhat.)

I’m just not the kind of girl who could open herself to criticism and punishment. But I’d like to be. (Granted, I’ll still speak my mind, even though I know it will just get me into deeper trouble.)

2 thoughts on “The Dress

  1. Kia, as you say, stretching yourself is part of your growth, and that is a good thing even if it may be uncomfortable. To leave your comfort zone takes courage as does admitting you need guidance as you embrace your submission. As I have told Season and other imp friends, a woman never stands so tall than when she bends in submission. That takes strength, trust and courage; and it is you who has the power because without your initial okay nothing will happen. Of course once you commit then the how, when and where you are punished is out of your control – excepting any hard limits that have been negotiated in advance and the invocation of the safe word.

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