The Allure of Fantasy

When I first started exploring the world of spanking sites, I was drawn mostly to the stories. It was easier to approach the subject through a layer of fantasy. Some concepts I found deeply disturbing at the time (and some I still do). In the world of fiction, nothing ever hurt too much, no one was every truly cruel or harmful. And of course, a pleasantly twisty plot line and/or a healthy dose of magic helps. Or knights and dragons. Or boarding schools where all of the pupils somehow happen to be girls over eighteen. Everyone was happy and whole at the end. And if they weren’t, I’d stop reading and ignore it or invent my own ending.

Yes, I know that real people in real D/S relationships have real issues just like the rest of the real world, but I really wasn’t ready to get into all that. I needed to ponder this in a vacuum, isolated from reality to focus on what the desire truly was.

Trying to work it out with a real person will doubtless bring complications- hopefully the fun kind but definitely a mix.

6 thoughts on “The Allure of Fantasy

  1. Wow, I really like you. It’s amazing how often you quite elegantly state exactly how I feel. I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on submission.

  2. Kia, thank you for a peek into your innermost self. Finding your way with a partner will undoubtedly present complications just as there are complications in all relationships be they vanilla or spanko, but as you say, hopefully they will be fun and exciting.
    I too was first attracted to the stories as they can transport one to undreamed of worlds. And there should be more knights, dragons and fair maidens.

  3. And I agree with Laura that you state things very elegantly, and now you are one of the people who helps others find their way as they tentatively begin their journey into our community.

    1. You and many other bloggers served that role for me, it’s an amazing feeling to be able to do the same myself.

      And yes- everything is better with dragons. S’mores anyone? 😉

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