The Spanking Superpower Part 1: Discovery

Spanking really is a superpower.

Whether as the spanker or the spankee, one has a certain power over one’s partner. The power to help one see the error of their ways, or the power to help one share wisdom. The power to deepen affection by baring a part of one’s soul (and a part of one’s anatomy) and giving or deceiving pain.

But more than that, I think the journey into this kind of self-realization, this type of life has many parallels with superhero or young magician stories. This isn’t based on personal experience, but rather the synthesis of tens, if not hundreds, of stories others have shared on various sites I’ve come to frequent. I’ll give my typical disclaimer that, as this is all still quite new to me, it’s quite possible I have no idea what I’m talking about. Although, as any superhero knows, being an outsider provides one with a useful perspective.

I may be just a fantasy-obsessed nerd seeing faeries around ever corner, but I’d like to explore this idea over the next few weeks, starting this week with the moment of discovery.

I love reading answers to the “When did you know?” question. There is the discovery that one is somehow different. Perhaps shocking, perhaps just a gradual realization of long-held subconscious suspicions. Either way there is a moment when one suspects, a moment when one knows that something is not quite as one thought it was. That one is different from “normal people.”

It might be a dramatic act, akin to lifting a truck off a trapped damsel or setting a building on fire with an attack one didn’t realize one was capable of. Something that dramatically changes a relationship (for better or worse) in raised voices and tears.

Or it may be as subtle as realizing one is defying the odds of chance, making their own luck by influencing the world around them. One may start to gently experiment- a subtle pout here, a gentle almost-slap there, a decidedly awkward lunge across a lap to supposedly retrieve the remote, until all of a sudden one realizes the invisible line has been left in the dust and the point of no return is long gone.

Whatever the effects, with the first ignorant or uncontrolled use of this power, things change. Not everything, but the change is significant. One is whisked away into a strange new world. There is much to learn on the road to mastery of this power, but that is a topic for another time.

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