The Spanking Superpower Part 2: Mentoring

After the discovery comes the unveiling, the training, the growing into the type of person one is to become. One may benefit from guidance of another who is more experienced, who has gone through this before and can relate and teach. Someone to help one come to terms with who they are, what that means, and what their options are now that they know.

It may be an apprenticeship, a close relationship with frequent contact, plenty of communication (verbal or otherwise), and, of course, consequences. . .

It may be a more distant Ben Kenobi/faerie-godmother type figure. Someone who is present in spirit, but happy to sit back and watch things unfold as the apprentice comes into their own, listening and popping up out of the blue with words of wisdom when things start to go awry.

Or perhaps it’s not a corporeal person at all. Perhaps one finds a magic blog- errr. . . magic book- tucked away in a dusty corner. At first glance it seems too fantastic to be real. But it is intriguing, and before one realizes, it’s now 3am and the thing has been read cover to cover. Lots to think about, lots to digest. The book is put back on the shelf right where it was- lest anyone suspect- but the location is committed to memory so that one can return at the earliest opportunity. And perhaps examine the nearby shelves as well. . .

This mentoring period may be a peaceful, secluded time- an apparent retreat where the rest of live goes swimmingly and one is free to ponder the meaning of what is happening. Or it could be a trial by fire- a figure-this-out-as-we-go, in-the-heat-of-battle type thing, where no one has a chance to rest or reflect until much more has happened than can possibly be processed.

Whatever the form, there is often a key figure who aids one in the development of this power- a first teacher, mentor, lover, or partner in kink. Regardless of the outcome, the relationship leaves one just as changed as the initial discovery itself.

3 thoughts on “The Spanking Superpower Part 2: Mentoring

  1. Kia, such insightful and profound words. In my time I have been a mentor both near and over distance via the internet and phone.
    And that part about finding a magic book and reading it far into the night, and returning to it again and again sounds like it may be from your personal experience. I hope that was the case.

    1. There were many “books” in my personal experience that were, and continue to be, quite enlightening. You write one of them 😉

  2. This drawing depicts a naughty teen-age school-girl, about to receive a good dozen strokes of a pliable stinging cane, upon her bare bottom, because she failed her math exam. And she will be commanded to count out the strokes, so that it might improve her math in the future.

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