This Game We Play

I once made the mistake(?) of referring to spanking as a game when discussing the matter with friends for whom it is an integral part of their relationship.  I’d hit a nerve, that was clear, and let the subject drop.

While I could see her point entirely, I’m not so sure my position has changed. From one point of view, it most certainly is a game- with rules and roles, rewards and forfeits. The fact that the roles we assume may be closer to our truer selves than those we assume out in the world doesn’t make it a role any less.

As with all games of love and war. this is not just an idle way to pass the time.  For those of us who place this thing close to our hearts, it is much more than just a game. In the same way, a professional athlete may make the claim that their chosen sport is not just a game to them while those of us who feel we have more important callings scoff.

From the outside, to those with a passing interest, perhaps this is how they view us.

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