Crossing the Line

I was very nervous when I started writing- and still am. With no actual experience to draw upon, everything I write is purely theoretical.

I have read, thought, and discussed. There are many good and patient people in this community, and to them I will be forever grateful.

It is like being a legal alien- unnaturalized, but welcome.

I have been a spanking writer who has never been spanked. That will most likely change soon.

I am excited. And nervous. And ready.

And I’ll need to find another irony in my life to take its place.

9 thoughts on “Crossing the Line

  1. Kia there is a gulf between the fantasy and reality of spanking. Simple fact: being spanked hurts; being spanked hard hurts a lot; being beaten with rods, straps, birches and so on hurts like bloody hell.

  2. Hello Kia, you don’t say how your situation is likely to change but let me assure you that if you have the right partner, it’ll be a good experience. Yes, it hurts, but it is also a hurt you welcome when you’ve had the image in your mind for so long. I had fantasies for as long as I can remember, since childhood when I couldn’t understand at all what this feeling was. I still don’t really understand the feeling but I now know the comfort I feel when my soulmate, my Sir, holds me after the spanking and comforts me and loves me. It’s like nothing else. I waited until my late 40s to give in to my fantasy. I wish I hadn’t. Good luck. Thea

      1. It is fascinating how our interest in such things arises. However, please all keep in mind that any discussions on spanking of children- even our younger selves- will be deleted per site policy.

      2. No worries- I know it was meant innocently. It can be difficult to know where to draw the line with personal memories. I skirt the issue by banning the subject entirely here.

  3. Sue Mary and Thea- Thank you both for your kind words and encouragement! It’s comments like these that make blogging most rewarding. I have to say though that it didn’t hurt nearly as much as I had expected. I mean, it hurt plenty, but was very bearable and very enjoyable. He is being ever so careful with me 🙂 I’m sure soon enough the pain will become more an a factor, but for this first time there was so much more to focus on.

  4. You may be nervous but you are still very good at it. I hope the change in perspective only enhances your writing ability by bridging the gap between fantasy and reality..

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