Thoughts prompted by a post from Scarlet

I like symbols in general, though I hadn’t really thought of the symbolism of submission until prompted to do so by a 30 days of submission discussion exercise run by a former blogger.

The timing was perfect. It was a period of Great Change, though at the time I did not know where I would end up. I knew I wanted something concrete to remind myself of this time- a time when I was casting about to define myself as a professional, as a person, as a writer and a submissive.

I wound up with a ring. A Claddagh ring. I resisted at first, wanting to choose something more unique, but the more I thought about it the more attached I got to the idea. It was a perfect symbol on many levels.

There is the obvious- the symbolism of the country I have grown to love. A reminder of the exhausting, exhilarating time when this place became home.

The traditional- love, friendship and loyalty. A solid reminder to carry with me and remember what truly matters. The outward heart to remind me to be soft and open, to not deny emotion but rather to seek to constructively share it.

The unusual- the dinged-up-ness that shows my clumsiness, or, more generously, that I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty (or somewhat mangled). It has clearly been through a lot in the brief time it has been with me, and so have I.

The ironic- an Irish symbol of the influence of a few close English friends.

And, on a deeper level, there are meanings that I don’t just share with those who see it and ask. First and foremost I remember what prompted the symbol-seeking exercise: this is a symbol of my submission and a solid representation of the friendships have made online while developing this side of myself. Friendship, love loyalty- viewed from our particular perspective these become more poignant.

The heart points outwards, and always will, representing the openness with which I learned to communicate while participating in the 30 days exercise. It won’t be turned around. This may take some explaining to a future partner, and definitely another explanation prepared should anyone else ask (or I can always pull the “I’m just an ignorant American” card), but this is what it means to me.

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