9 thoughts on “Mystified

  1. Well, i hope after your chat with him about your handwriting efforts, you were a very grateful girl.

  2. Well, well Miss, this is not quite what I expected to be reading over my coffee this morning but now that I have…

    As I am now just getting to review your writing efforts in more detail I can indeed commend you on your gallant efforts in producing such an ‘artistic’ piece of work.
    However, let me remind you that the instruction given to you to write lines was Sir’s way of disciplining you – brought upon by my absence to deal with you in person last Wednesday. I cannot recall my asking you to produce writing with the view of entering a ‘best handwriting’ competition of any kind.

    To remedy this ‘misunderstanding’ of sorts I shall endeavour to administer 20 with the cane on your bared bottom to go with the 6 of the tawse on each hand already allotted. As Sue Mary has mentioned above, you will then go stand in the corner with hands on head.

    I do hope you accept my compliments on your work this morning Miss Kia, and as always, I do acknowledge the fact that you are indeed grateful for my discipline in all its forms and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


  3. Nikolai- I am very grateful. So grateful that I didn’t even point out that the three on each hand somehow multiplied to six on each hand over night.

    otkipling- Stencil??? This was free-hand! Though I’ll take that as a compliment on my consistency 🙂

    suemary- I imagine legibility takes precedence over the precise definition of “writing,” though proper writing certainly would have been quicker. And what’s this about the corner? Whose side are you on?

    Paolo- Yoip! I mean, Yes, Sir. And be careful with that coffee, Sir, it’s been known to cause trouble. . .

      1. I’ll remember not to cross you! Rest assured that Sir will certainly be seeing to the “good penitent attitude” part. :/

      2. By the sound of your comments he is going to have a lot of work to do LOL

      3. Eh. . .it’s just been a while. A girl gets a bit feisty when left to her own devices. 😉

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