The Alphabet, According to my Laptop

Auto-complete is a wonderful thing, assuming, of course that either 1) you have nothing to hide or 2) you are vigilant about deleting or otherwise obscuring your search history. A quick exercise on my laptop in which I let my browser pull up whatever it thought of first for each letter (displayed below for your amusement) drove home the importance of this point.

A: Abigail Armani
B: My Bottom Smarts
C: Chris Chross, Spankologist
D: Dom with Pen
E: Edmonton Spanking Enthusiast
F: Favourite Things
G: Naughty Girls Made to Blush
H: Hermione’s Heart
I: In Detention
J: Irish Rail Journey Planner (at first I thought this one sounded innocent, then realised that the only time I’d visited the site was to book a ticket to visit a friend from the blog. . .)
K: Lovely Kinky Things
L: Loving Submission
M: Musings of a Bottom
N: NSFW Discipline Drawings
O: David’s TouchStones (Othroad)
P: Plector
Q: Quiet Sara, sadly gone (very quiet)
R: Scarlet’s Real Magic
S: Blossom and Thorn (Season and Michael)
T: The Spanking Library (aparently this is where I use “the” most often)
U: Spoilt Brat (who recently came up with a name for the previously “Untitled” blog)
V: Voice in the Corner
W: Wholebean and I
X, Y, and Z? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I guess there is a limit to where I will go in my wanderings.

I thought things might improve (or at least diversify) with symbols and numbers, but when 1001 Spanking Fantasies was the first to emerge, I aborted this trial.

I think I might need to find a new hobby. . .

10 thoughts on “The Alphabet, According to my Laptop

  1. It’s girls like you that are the reason we need to bring back corporal punishment in education.

    And you know, a girl’s education is never complete.

    To paraphrase Thomas Carlyle: “What we become depends on what we read after all of the professors have finished with us. The greatest university of all is a collection of blogs.”

      1. Well, I don’t concern myself with boys, but I have heard there are some whose education is seen to in the manner I implied.

        While anyone can be an autodidact, I find that many girls need reminders in their education no matter how accomplished a woman they are.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean.

      “Education, properly a drawing forth, implies not so
      much the communication of knowledge as the discipline
      of the intellect, the establishment of the principles,
      and the regulation of the heart. “

      1. That’s what I thought you meant. Sadly I think boys also need “reminders in their education”

      2. Well, an education is really never complete for anyone.

        There are two types of learners. Those who learn by doing, the colloquial seat of their pants and those who learn by having the lesson applied directly to the seat of their pants, if not directly to what lies beneath. Individuals migrate between the two types.

  2. Good to see that my blog has been having fun while I was away- what a lovely exchange to come back to! Love the bit about the two types of learners- a bit of a simplification, perhaps, though it is a wonderful thing when that magic compatibility is found between a student and teacher. I’ve found the most rewarding of relationships to be those in which one can both teach and learn.

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