(Forcefully) Guided Submission

I’ve read a great deal about how some strong women want to be forced to submit to the one they love. It is a part of their nature, but it does not come naturally until their partner brings it out. These are fascinating and lovely people, and the dynamic these couples have is magical.

But they are not me.

My submission does not need to be beaten out or dragged to the surface. If anything, it is a struggle to keep it in check when it needs to be hidden. I am most motivated when what I do is in service to another- my family, my dominant, my manager, my roommates.

That’s not to say that I’m not wilful on occasion. I can be stubborn when I want to be or when I’m feeling snippy. However, it won’t take much for me to come around. Usually a stern look will suffice. For those occasions where it doesn’t, well, I’m sure he’ll think of something.

2 thoughts on “(Forcefully) Guided Submission

  1. I agree with you Kia. I am generally regarded as a strong person…some would say too strong by half but my submission to my husband is given him as a gift

  2. For some, it’s a gift. For some, it’s a trophy from an albeit very fixed competition. We all end up at the same place.

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