A Quiet Kind of Fire

A while back a question was posed to Dom With Pen on whether a submissive must have “fire in her eyes.” While that wilfulness definitely has it’s appeal, I’d like to say that it is far from a requirement in all cases.

Submission does not always need to be a battle. There are dominants who want to conquer, submissives who want to be conquered. I am sometimes like that, but not often.

It is usually a quieter process with us. I’ve not quite mastered the art of bratting, and have never been entirely comfortable with it. And so we do not need to fight, or even pretend to fight. Instead it is like slipping out of work clothes at the end of the day. It is easy, simple, and relaxing. A natural transition into the people we are when the rest of the world isn’t watching.

Our time together is limited, and I’d rather spend the time we have in submission rather than needing to be brought there.

It may not be as exciting as the conquering, but it is just as visceral. Submission is no less precious for being freely given rather than forcefully won, nor is dominance any less powerful when gracefully accepted rather than surrendered to in defeat. We both know that this is what we are, where we belong, and neither of us wants to waste that time on a charade of clinging to the roles we play in the rest of our lives.

My submission is offered and taken freely- there is no discord in this process. The only force used is that which comes later

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