Review: A Taste of Loving Discipline by Abigail Armani


I recently had the pleasure of reading Abigail Armani’s new novel, A Taste of Loving Discipline.

As always, Abigail has provided a delightful cast of characters, from the free willed and stubborn protagonist to the unusually assertive dominant patiently pursuing her to the tactfully nosy neighbour. With all the personalities involved, it is no surprise that events unfold like a tangled mass of spaghetti, complete with a good dose of humour and plenty of spankings, as they adjust to life as neighbours in an isolated group of cottages on the Northumberland coast.

Description courtesy of LSF Publications:

June is a feisty, funny and passionate artist who knows exactly what she wants out of life. What she doesn’t want is Alexander Stewart. The intelligent, smooth-talking, infuriatingly handsome lawyer irritates her in so many ways. Alex is like no other man she has ever met. A naturally dominant man, he takes control as effortlessly as breathing. Any woman of his needs to submit to his authority – and his discipline … he has no hesitation in spanking a naughty bottom, and is not averse to bedroom games involving blindfolds and restraints.

When June starts an exciting new phase of her life in a beautiful village in Northumberland, she is surprised to find that it is Alex who offers her his friendship and support. Life is good, but there are choices to be made. June could stick with Geoffrey, an amusing though fickle blond Adonis, or maybe she could forge a satisfying relationship with a new man she meets. She does neither. And just when things are going really well for her, something unexpectedly unpleasant happens, placing her in danger. This encourages the man who truly loves her to claim her on a permanent basis.

A substantial read, this book has enough hot sex and sensual delights to satisfy any reader curious about domination and submission, and it also has a strong story line and a happy ever after ending.

available here

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