The Need

Sometimes I feel like I need a spanking. Well, ok, quite a lot more than sometimes, but there are days when the need burns stronger. Not just for a simple bum-beating, that holds little attraction. It is a need for punishment, a need to be disciplined. A need to feel very firmly told what’s what and that this- whatever it is (I surely don’t know)- needs to stop.


The problem with this is that I’m a good girl. Really. Rules are there for a reason, and, with a few notable exceptions, I can respect or at least understand those reasons. And so I follow them. All of this is all fine, except it doesn’t help a girl get spanked. It doesn’t scream that a girl needs discipline, even though she really does.


I could just ask, but that seems wrong on many levels.


Perhaps I’ll need to get creative. . .


7 thoughts on “The Need

  1. Nobody is that good; I doubt you do follow the rules because few of us do really. We say we do but look carefully and it is actually a series of tiny compromises. “I always keep to the speed limit,” is really, “I keep to the speed limit 95% of the time but there are the odd times when…Well one has to really doesn’t one.” Compromise. But the question is do you really wish to be held to that higher standard to monitor everything you do so carefully? Now that Kia is a question that you should consider most carefully.

    1. Sue- You make very good points. I’d been struggling to verbalise this concept. You’ve given me much to ponder- more on this later.

      Oh, and for the record, I do truly obey the speed limit. However, the lack of car in my life probably has a good deal to do with that 😉

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