Book of the Month: Charlotte’s Fulfilment by Carly Burton


Happy April everyone! Fittingly, on the first of the month I’m featuring the first book from Carly Burton, though some of you may be familiar with her stories from LSF where she contributes as Elorac (if you haven’t already, I would highly recommend her “Royal Attitude Adjustment” series available there).

Charlotte’s Fulfilment is a light holiday romance with plenty of spanking- an arrangement only reluctantly accepted by the heroine at the onset. Her transition from cold and in-charge to a more trusting partner, open both to admitting and atoning for her errors and to being loved is delightful, if a bit painful for her bottom.

From the publisher:

Having been cheated on and hurt by her former partner, Charlotte has erected emotional barriers around her battered heart, and shunning the possibility of a future relationship with a man, remains unfulfilled.

Looking to get away and escape from the constant demands of work and family, she decides to go on a two week solo retreat at an exclusive resort in the country. Here she meets a man with whom she has an instant attraction, a man who is strong enough to help her forget the past and who is not averse to taking her over his knee for a bare bottom spanking when she needs it.

Charlotte, however, is a strong character herself and is used to being in control – can she accept his dominance and still retain her self-respect or is she destined to remain lonely and unfulfilled?

Available through LSF Publications

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