Book of the Month: Stacy Goes to College


As some of you have likely guessed from the lack of regular posts, June is flying by for me. More than half way through the month, I’ve finally chosen a book- Stacy goes to College by Frank Martinet (who some may know as Flogmaster). His stories were among the first I read after stumbling on to Laura’s Spanking Corner years ago.

As with many of his stories, the punishments here are very severe- both in physicality and level of humiliation- but are well-received by all involved. Thankfully, these elements do not get in the way of a well-plotted story and a great deal of character development for both spankee and spanker, nor do they get in the way of a happy ending.

From the publisher:

Despite being eighteen years old, Stacy is still subject to corporal punishment by her strict parents who believe in old-fashioned values. Hoping this will be a thing of the past when she goes to college, she is extremely dismayed to hear that her father has made arrangements for a former intern of his, John Harley, to act as her tutor and administer correction were necessary. To make matters worse, Stacy has long had a crush on him, and her worst fears are realised when she finds herself subject to a number of harsh and painful spankings, administered by John using a variety of implements.

Although Stacy has attracted the interest of one of her classmates, Adam, who is really smitten with her, she remains fixated on John, and when she discovers he already has a girlfriend and plans to marry her, she seeks revenge by sabotaging his work. Eventually, she is forced to confess, and as part of her punishment agrees to a lengthy paddling in front of John’s boss and a number of colleagues at his place of work. Finally, Stacy realises her true feelings for Adam – perhaps it’s not too late for a happy ending after all?

Available from LSF Publications

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