Terrible Twos

Acknowledging Imperfection turns two years old today! The patient among you who have been following along have likely noticed that the fits and moods associated with children that age seems to have been started. Posting regularly hasn’t happened as planned lately, and I’m using this milestone as an opportunity to return with renewed dedication to the pattern I had tried to establish earlier this year.

There have been plenty of reasons for the slowdown, many of which are spanking-related and I’ve been remiss in not sharing. There have been ups and downs. Many new friends- online and off; another disappearance but another promising start.

Through it all, I’ve also come to appreciate that writing and posting is well worth the time required though I’ve not always acted on this. In this case, perhaps predictably, I’ve come to realise that discipline may be the solution, albeit self-imposed and in a vanilla sense. Writing takes time, but it is time that I need to set aside for this activity. I’ve seen the benefit that sifting through these thoughts can bring, and plan to continue to do so and to share the products (or, perhaps more accurately, the intermediates) with you.

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