Hide and Spank

He told me he would be back, and that I was not to move. He told me I would regret any disobedience, and given the spanking I’d just endured I had no reason to doubt him.

So of course I had a bit of fun.

I started by drinking the last of his water. It was close at hand, easy enough to do quickly and silently in the event he was merely waiting on the other side of the door. I lowered myself back into position over the table, satisfied with my bit of naughtiness, eager for him to come back, wondering how long it would take him to notice my little indiscretion.

Would he notice though, I began to wonder. It was a subtle thing, and if overlooked it would be no fun at all. Besides, distant, muffled footsteps told me I had at least another few moments before he returned.

I worked quickly, which in hindsight was a bad idea. His spectacles were inconveniently relocated to the corner of the windowsill, concealed by the heavy curtain. The cane was tucked away in a far corner and the belt slid under a armchair.

Note to self: Next time, hide the stingier implements better.

He found the cane first, which is not at all what I had in mind. It is quite a persuasive thing, particularly in the hands of someone with a keen interest in having the rest of his things returned.

I caved. I told him where the belt had hidden itself. He disagreed with my assertion that it had slithered away on its own- disagreed rather forcefully and allowed the belt to join in and carry the bulk of his argument.

He didn’t seem to notice the spectacles though. I wonder if they’re still there?

One thought on “Hide and Spank

  1. Hi,

    Sorry to crash into your lovely blog like this but I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Elizabeth Forster the author of Educating Elizabeth, an erotic novel about a young virgin whose sexuality is awoken by being spanked by her gorgeous tutor. It’s been out of print for some time but the publishers recently approached my as they want to re publish it. Subject to a thorough edit and revision I agreed, and it will be available at the end of this year.

    Pending its release I have started a blog, Ivory Tower, where I record my thoughts on life and love, sex and sensuality, and of course the pleasures of being spanked. You can find it at elizabethforster.blogspot.com

    Do visit me from time to time and of course leave your own thoughts for me to consider. If you want to mention me on your blog or elsewhere I would be thrilled as I’m keen to get the word out.

    Thanks for listening


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