The Exchange

Hello Sir-

Thank you very much for volunteering to host me for my year of study abroad. I am very excited, and after speaking with you, my parents say we should get along very well, but also that you are very strict.

I’m a little nervous about that bit. They say that they’ve given you permission to punish me. That in itself seems odd. Here, I’m considered an adult and able to make my own decisions about such things (not that such things would even exist, but still). I even lived on my own last year in college, or at least in a dorm. I’ll admit that independence wasn’t always what it was cracked up to be, but I survived it. Still, I suppose I can see the wisdom of the practice in your country of placing older students with surrogate parental figures when studying away from home.

My parents discussed your traditional punishments with me. I have a good relationship with them and we talk about all sorts of things, but this was the most awkward conversation we’ve ever had. Writing lines seems fair enough, but corner time at my age would be humiliating. I can’t even think about the possibility of being spanked. Do nineteen-year-old girls really get spanked there? At school and at home? And what’s this about getting punished again at home after being punished in school? And a “reminder spanking” on top of all that? It all seems incredibly unfair and difficult to believe.

I told them that sort of thing wouldn’t be necessary, and they told me not to be silly. I don’t think I’m being silly- I’ve never been spanked before, and my parents and teachers have said I’m very well behaved. However, they said that I have problems with procrastination and forgetfulness when it comes to homework and chores, and that these things will not be overlooked next year. They said I need to accept punishments for these failings as part of the experience- a taste of local culture.

I told them that I was nervous about this, or at least I sort of told them- I suppose it was more blushes and stammers than actual words. It was hard to talk about this sort of thing (hence this letter) and they said they’d speak to you about it. I thought they would assure you that I wouldn’t need to be punished, or at least ask you to make other arrangements for my discipline, but now I hear that they’ve arranged for me to be spanked as soon as I arrive. Did they really talk to you about my grades from last year, and encourage you to punish me for lack of effort? I know I could have done better, but last school year was ages ago, surely it’s too late to revisit that? Also, it was my first year in college on my own; I’m sure I’ll do better under your supervision than I did last year, with or without the spanking bit, so why do we need to go through with that?

I can assure you that I’ve learned my lesson and will try harder- there’s no need to spank me. Especially not as soon as I meet you, My parents say that it would be good to start as you mean to continue or something like that. I’m not so sure. . . it would be humiliating to be punished by someone I’ve just met, and someone I’m going to have to live with for a year, and treat as a parent. I’m worried that you won’t like me very much if we start out with something so unpleasant.

I am looking forward to meeting you, and to staying with you. . .but please don’t spank me.



Dear Emma-

Thank you for your lovely, if unconventional, note of introduction.
I feel the need to note that while spanking and punishment of students old enough to be considered independent adults in other parts of the world is part of our culture, it is only one aspect of our way of life- a way of life that I hope you enjoy very much over the next year. That said, I know that this element can be very intimidating and shocking to an outsider.

I also understand that these things can be difficult to talk about, and am more than happy to answer your questions and alleviate your fears (as much as that is possible) in writing if that is more palatable to you.

I’ve hosted many foreign students before, all of whom were punished with some regularity. I consider them all to be family, however, and we have largely kept in congenial contact after ther time here had ended. A disciplinarian need not be an enemy- and I dare say a disciplinarian can only be truly effective having earned the friendship, respect, and trust of those in his care and demonstrating the same in return.

It may seem awkward to be spanked- and it will be a spanking, young lady- on your first day here. However, I feel this will be beneficial in the long term for you. Spankings are meant to be painful and nerve-racking on some level, but are more effective if it is the spanking itself which causes any anxiety rather than fear of the unknown. You will doubtless earn yourself additional punishments during your stay here. Learning involves making mistakes, and the process of punishment and forgiveness is an important part of growing up. Punishments are not meant to be pleasant experiences, but neither should they be unduly feared.

Therefore, starting straight away will help you know what punishment here will involve. Likewise, as the actuality of the punishment will doubtless be less terrifying than what your imagination would come up with when left to its own devices, I’ll tell you exactly how I plan to punish your lack of effort over the last school year.

All punishments will be delivered in my study. I feel it is important that the rest of the house be a safe space for you, and we will therefore confine this unpleasantness to one room only. I’ve also found that the process of being summoned to the room, and the less-familiar surroundings for the procedure itself, has helped past students enter the proper frame of mind.

We will first discuss the transgression. There is no point in punishing you if you do not feel that you need to be punished. Mind you- this philosophy is not meant as a loophole. Although you may not see the need for punishment now, I can tell from your letter that you are far brighter than your marks from the last year would lead me to believe. Next year will, as you have stated, be different in many ways, and I have no doubt that we will see an improvement in your grades. Nevertheless, the root of the problem from the past term must be identified, rectified, and atoned for. You’ve mentioned yourself that you have problems with procrastination. Why do you think that is? No need to answer now, as this can be a complex question. Please do give it some thought, though, as we will discuss your past work habits and distractions and attempt to identify ways in which to modify them.

This part of our discussion is not intended as punishment, and it is important that you do not see it that way. We will likely develop rules, perhaps a study schedule for you to follow. These are not punitive measures, but was in which to help you build self-discipline. However, should you fail to adhere to whatever agreement we reach, you can be assured that punishment will follow.

After our discussion you will be punished, which in this case will involve a spanking. The severity of the spanking will largely depend on how our discussion goes. I realise this may be a disconcerting thought, but I cannot fully assess the situation until we meet and discuss the matter in person.
I will, however, use this opportunity to introduce you to the instruments of punishment you can expect to receive during your stay here. Rest assured that you will only receive a few moderate strokes from each implement at most, but I feel it is important to use this opportunity to ensure you know what each feels like for future reference. I do not want the future threat of the belt or the cane to be ambiguous for you.

When it is time to begin your spanking, I will instruct you to bend over my desk and grasp the far edge. Past students have found it helpful to hold tightly; you will be tempted to let go, stand up, and protect your bottom once the punishment begins. It is important that you do not do this, both for safety reasons (as much as it hurts, punishment on the bottom does no lasting harm whereas the hands are much more fragile structures), and as a demonstration of your acceptance of the punishment.

Once you are in position, I will bare your bottom. This is not intended to overly embarrass you, but to allow the punishment to impact you more fully and to allow me to monitor the state of your skin. I have no intention of causing undue bruising, and need to be able to see the effects of the punishment to ensure you are not suffering unnecessarily.

I will begin your punishment with my hand. This is the least-severe type of spanking you will experience, and is generally only used as a minor reprimand. Usually for a hand-spanking (or indeed a hairbrush spanking) I would position you across my lap, but as on this occasion I also intend to use other implements it would be best to begin across the desk.

After the hand-spanking, you will receive the hairbrush, strap, and cane in turn. Keep in mind that typical punishments are limited to a single implement, and therefore would involve more strokes than you are likely to receive in this introduction. Also remember that the hand spanking will have desensitised you somewhat; although you will experience the different sensations of the implements, the experience will not be as sharp as it would starting from an unmarked bottom.

Nevertheless, it will doubtless be an intense experience for a first-timer. You will likely cry out; do not be ashamed to do so. It is a normal part of the process, and is indeed something that I expect from any serious punishment.

Following your spanking, I will expect you to spend a period of time standing in the corner. Again, the length of this section of your punishment will be determined after our discussion, and may be modified based on your attitude while being chastised.

Afterwards, we will sit (or you may adopt another posture should sitting be undesirable) and will discuss the experience. This discussion is not meant to prolong your discomfort, but to help you process the experience and understand that the matter is forgiven. After this discussion, We will move on to more pleasant topics. The matter of punishment is considered closed and will not be mentioned again, with exception of the bedtime spanking.

I appreciate that bedtime reminder spankings are one of our more difficult customs to understand, or even to explain properly. It is not punishment per se, but you will receive one each night after you have earned a punishment. The spanking will be delivered with my hand only, in your bedroom with you over my knee. It will sting, but will not be nearly as hard as the punishment spanking. It is intended to reinforce our roles while you reside with me, not to cause you undue duress. It may seem hard to believe, but previous students have found great comfort in this ritual.

Do not allow yourself to fret over much on the punishment part. I can assure you that you will survive it, and will likely come to see it in a positive light. Please do not hesitate to contact me again if you have additional questions- punishment-related or otherwise. I can imagine things must be very hectic for you as you prepare for this trip, and I am happy to help in whatever way I can.

I look forward to meeting you in person.

Best Regards,
Master Farwell

2 thoughts on “The Exchange

  1. Omigoodnessgracious – i am absolutely fanning myself over here! This is – THIS totally turns me on.

    I wish I understood why, but i don’t guess it matters. It just does it for me.

    1. Hi Sofia! Always good to hear from you 🙂

      I wish I understood as well- I think our preferences and feelings for this sort of thing are very similar.

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