Screenshot 2015-11-25 at 14.16.17LSF Publications have selected another of my shorts for publication- this time in the Pop! series, featuring M/F paddling tales.

Initiation was my first foray into the fraternity/sorority genre, a genre which I feel is much in need of a more realistic take on student life- something I hoped to address with this story.  I still have plans and early drafts for spinning this into a longer work, but for the time being, it’s lovely to see in ebook form!

Other works in this compilation:

An Informed Decision by Paul Rosemount: A meeting has been called by the Principal of the local senior girls’ school in order to decide on whether paddling should be used as a form of discipline. It’s the girls’ mothers who will be casting their votes but before they can make their decision they must first experience what a real paddling actually feels like!

The Sales Gimmick by Ryan Rowland: In order to prevent her younger brother from telling her boyfriend she has been seeing other men, Stacy agrees to help him sell candy for the Scouts. In order to help sales she dresses in a revealing bikini and agrees to let male purchasers paddle her bottom.

A Rebellious Victorian Lady by Leland Mays: The year is 1889 and at dinner, the lovely and intelligent Lorena and her uncle are joined by Mr Moss. When Lorena makes her views very clear regarding women having the vote she earns a good paddling from her uncle. Mr Moss is both outraged yet fascinated by this treatment, but when he is invited to do the spanking he finds himself more than eager to put the paddle to good use.

What a Way to Make a Living by Rick Marlowe: A new house, a young child and some big bills mean that she has to take a job for which she is overqualified. Boredom soon leads to mistakes but her boss knows just how to correct this – with a paddle! Her work soon improves and so does her sex life at home!

A Little Bit of America by J Wackford Colton: Overbearing Council Tax department boss, Kate Harrison, takes matters into her own hands after a subordinate returns from a fruitless trip to assess a property. Paying a visit to the dwelling herself, she meets her match in Mr Harding, a rather large American with a penchant for dealing with ‘trouble makers’ in his own inimitable way.

The House Detective by PJ Manners: A young lady discovers the consequences of not heeding the rules at an expensive hotel when she throws a party in her room. Her girlfriend witnesses her receive a very embarrassing bare bottom paddling by the house detective, while the male hotel manager looks on.

Initiation by Kia Cera: Not being into the party scene, Erin is pleased to discover a fraternity open to both men and women that focuses on academic achievement. She is also attracted to Richard, one of its active members, with whom she finds herself paired. But when she fails to fulfil academic expectations, it is Richard who carries out the necessary consequences when, bent over the desk, she receives twelve swats of the paddle.

The Lighthouse Keeper by Art Zeeton: Stranded on an island while their drunken co-workers head to the mainland in the party boat, Carrie and Jeanine ask help of the quirky lighthouse keeper. A stickler for the rules, he’s initially reluctant, but eventually offers a ride back if the ladies will submit to a bare bottom paddling!

Available from LSF Publications

3 thoughts on “Pop!

  1. Well done being published again. It is a great sorority/fraternity story and I hope you do find time to extend it as they are interesting characters. Well, anyone called Richard has a head start 🙂

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