Brilliance and Bribery

How to bribe your way out of a spanking:


Some spankees sing praises for the padding offered by an extra pair of panties or two. I think, however, I may have hit on a better plan for softening the impact of a spanking.


Like all good plans, it starts at the pub.  When you get your change, be sure to put a fiver in the back pocket of your jeans. For safekeeping in case of emergencies.


Then forget about it.  Until the spanking, of course.


One of the side effects of spanking is that back pockets tend to be emptied. The more observant top might insist on doing this before beginning (or, in the case of a rather dull and uninspired top, might insist on simply doing away with any clothing covering the bottom). However, in the event one is blessed with a top willing to at least begin the spanking over jeans and not insistent on the checking of pockets, the sudden appearance of money as it is spanked out is guaranteed to cause momentary confusion mid-spanking which has the definite potential of derailing a punishment entirely.


Then again, now that I think back, this little incident didn’t so much get me out of a spanking as just prolong an existing spanking to allow the giggles to subside- which took quite a while.


Next time perhaps I’ll try a tenner.

4 thoughts on “Brilliance and Bribery

  1. I once gave a lady 150 spanks for spending £1-50 when she was not supposed to. Imagine what I could do with an attempt to bribe of a tenner
    Just saying!

  2. Um – that money might be more effectively spent on some “muscle relaxant” to drink beforehand.
    However, if you think paper padding is useful or just fun, get the bank manager to write to you about your attitude to money. He might send you a stiff note which you could fold for the purpose you describe.
    Merry Christmas 🙂

    1. That would certainly provide more padding! Though depending on the thickness, I have a sneaking suspicion it may be used as a paddle after discovery.

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