The Sarah Saga

One of my goals when I started blogging was to present a balanced, realistic view of what it is like entering into the world of spanking from the viewpoint of an inexperienced spankee.  While the “thoughts on submission” entries relate my own thoughts and experiences, I’ve also enjoyed creating a fictional character “Sarah” who is on a similar journey.  Her story is here in several parts, and this page will be updated as each chapter is published.

4 thoughts on “The Sarah Saga

  1. What an ambitious project. I stand in awe of that but cannot at the moment spare the time to read them. I am being nagged about other non-spanking things I must do. I will be back.

    1. Thanks! Though I have to smile at this particular comment. I’ve not yet been able to write a novel, yet you have several to your name.

      Some (most) of these bits can be rather rambly. I was genuinely surprised when the first few were well received by sing (though less than my standalone sorts).

      More on the way soon.

      1. I have now read all of your Sarah stories and I have to say how impressed I am. They are really good kia

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