Book of the Month: Touch of Spice by Evie Hunter

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A bit of local colour this month, from an author who has become both a friend and an inspiration. While Evie Hunter’s A Touch of Spice has only a few spanking scenes, the D/S dynamic runs strongly through the book.

When a noble, if troublesome, heroine and an experienced military veteran are stranded on a desert island,  their strong wills help them survive, but also cause them to butt heads more often than not. Fortunately, they find their mutual interest in kink a great way to vent frustration with their situation.
The excitement and danger in both the botched escape that brought them to the island and in their efforts to return to civilisation are an adventure worth reading in itself.  However, all of the of steamy ( or should that be spicy?) scenes, and plenty of witty lines provide entertainment on many other levels as well.


From the publisher:

Kidnapped in Haiti, Arianna McMahon faces her darkest nightmare. As an aid worker, she’s been in the world’s worst trouble spots, but nothing could prepare her for being the prize in a high stakes poker game. Her fate rests on the turn of a card and a handsome stranger.

He might look like the hero from a pirate fantasy, but H.T. Maddox has come out of retirement to save her. Last time a mission went wrong he lost an eye. This time, he’s taking no chances—rescue the girl and send her home where she belongs.

When their getaway boat is sabotaged, Arianna is stuck with him—on a remote Caribbean atoll called Spice Island. Nothing but sand, sea, surf and an annoying former Marine. Maddox might be the hottest guy she’s ever met, but his Neanderthal attitude drives her crazy. She’s determined to teach him a lesson. By the time help arrives, he’ll be eating out of her hand.

But Maddox has his own ideas. Spice Island is the ideal place to teach an uptight princess that a war zone is no place for a civilian. By the time help arrives, she’ll be purring like a kitten. The perfect romantic getaway is about to become the battleground for an erotic war between the sexes.

A Touch of Spice is a hot erotic suspense in Evie Hunter’s Touch Series. This latest D&S love story in the Irish romance series is a steamy romantic adventure set on a desert island.


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